Gemrock Gold NFT Ecosystem

Gemrock International NFT Collection: Own NFTs and enjoy passive income!

Own NFTs and enjoy passive income!

The blockchain technology provides new opportunities for investment. According to our assessment, as the traditional economy changes its shape, money will flow into cryptocurrencies, either for the speculative purpose of making profit from the capital, or to support projects built on decentralized platforms.

By buying one of our NFTs (non-fungible token), you are part of our green mining mission. Green here means ethically produced and environmentally friendly. We are one of the very few companies out there with a sustainable and long-term mindset. Our vision is to make our planet a bit better by providing honest and environmentally friendly mining solutions.

Gemrock's purpose is to generate income through the acquisition and disposition of assets in accordance with an investment strategy detailed below.

Benefits for NFT Holders

Gemrocks Gold NFT Project will soon start to mint 3,333 unique handmade 3d image NFTs created by our professional 3D artist from Germany. NFT holders will be rewarded with multiple benefits:

Income Stream - Gold Mining Revenue

NFT holders will be rewarded for their support by being awarded a monthly payout generated by the project. The right to receive this award will be digitally encrypted in your NFT. The amount you will receive depends on how many Gold NFTs you own as well as the outcome of the future mining activities. Please note that awards do not flow from day 1, because it takes time to set up the mining activities and generating the first revenues. What we can say for now is that long-term holders will be the ones protfiting the most.

Our revenue depends on many factors, like e.g. the vein thickness, working time required for extracting the gold, the gold price, taxes, pandemics, natural disasters, political crisis or any other unforeseen events that could negatively affect gold prices or production etc.

Income Stream - Secondary Market

Secondary Market: As the NFT value will most likely rise over time, you can resell it later on a secondary market like OpenSea and make a profit.

5% of the proceeds from the secondary market goes into the NFT holder fund and is divided proportionally among all holders.

Bonus - Shop Discounts

As a Gold-NFT-holder we are offering you a 10% discount on any of our crystal products or high quality jewelry at any time as long as you hold at least one Gold-NFT.

Bonus - Gold Coin Value Storage

NFT holders can obtain preferential access to real gold coins featuring the NFT-character as an additional value storage at a discounted price.

What we will do with the funds

15% of the funds raised are required to cover the costs of the fundraising itself (website development, marketing, community building, 3d design and other expenses around our NFT project).

85% of the funds will be used to buy the necessary gold mining equipment, build the required infrastructure, obtain the required mining concessions and permits, create adequate security measures and pay the costs of the first months of mining itself.

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