GemRock S.A.C


Founded in 2017, Gemrock Peru as a small lapidary rock cutting workshop, the company has grown to be a global wholesaler to crystal shops in 6 continents with its main markets being located in Australia, USA/Canada and Europe and a growing clientele in Asia and Africa.

Gemrock Peru has gained a market position and brand recognition as a company producing highest quality products, as well as a global leader in ethical mining and ethical production, as well as environmental production.

The company is the first crystal shop globally building a shop presence in the metaverse.

While the global COVID Pandemic has caused the bankruptcy of approximately 40% of existing crystal businesses at a global level, Gemrock Peru has managed to create a constant monthly growth in 2021 and the first half of 2022.

As a company, our company focuses on the mining, enrichment and resale of gold. With Stefan Austermühle's background as an environmental activist and researcher for environmental issues, the sustainable treatment of nature and its population is at the forefront. We want to bring certified green gold to the market, establish it and expand it further.

Herdel S.A.C.: A Peruvian silversmith company. Gemrock Peru has a share in the company and uses the services of HERDEL in order to produce its jewelry.

With the purchase of the GreenGold NFT you can be part of the green gold revolution and profit from the sales of the gold harvested by us.

Stefan Austermühle

For Stefan “Green Gold Revolution” is not just a catchy marketing slogan. Entrepreneur and biologist Stefan Austermühle has been based in Peru since 1989. He is the CEO of Green Gold NFT, with 37 years of professional experience in environmental protection, research and ecotourism, he is a guarantor on the subject of ethical and environmentally friendly mining.

He is founder and until 2021 Executive Director of Mundo Azul, a Peruvian environmental conservation organization. He was professor at the Agrarian University - La Molina and on the University for Applied Sciences (UPC) on topics like ecotourism and environmental impact assessment. He was a specialist at National Geographic in the evaluation of underwater archaeological sites using sonar technology. His numerous books, articles and TV-documentaries on species conservation, as well as his dangerous undercover work in the fight against illegal trade and killing of protected species resulted in 8 environmental awards for Stefan.

As Managing Director of Gemrock Peru S.A.C., he has been involved in the ecological and ethical mining of crystals since 2017. Gemrock Peru S.A.C. is engaged in the wholesale of natural crystals and rough stones. As a jeweler, Austermühle runs an international retail business in jewelry.

The often catastrophic conditions in gold mining, the extensive experience in environmental protection and ecotourism and the knowledge of balancing and certifying the CO2 footprint prompted Austermühle to develop the GreenGold NFT project, the first completely ethical and environmentally friendly production chain from the mine to the jewelry.

Victor Celis

Victor Celis, financial accountant with more than 30 years of professional experience in accounting, foreign trade and administration of companies. Professor for strategic finance and financial management at the universities "San Martin de Porres" and "Norbert Wienner" in Lima.

Victor has extensive experience with strategic planning, company restructuration, company fusions and acquisitions, as well as the implementation of internal control and environmental management (ISO 14000). Victor is financial advisor of Gemrock Peru S.A.C. and will be in charge of the financial management and accounting of our mining project.

Richard Gutierrez

Richard Gutierrez, crystal sourcer and specialist. Richard comes from a family that sources high value crystals in Peru for generations. He started travelling to mines with his father when he was 16 and has now 30 years in the business.

Richard has mined crystals all his life and knows most of Perus mines. He also has extensive experience in small scale gold mining. Richard will be in charge of supporting us while identifying promissing gold concessions and in setting up our mining operation.

Mele Herdel

Mele Herdel (left) from Herdel S.A.C. with some of his jewelry workers. Herdel S.A.C. is our jewelry company partner, being equiped not only with standart jewelry equipment, but also with top technology like 3D printers and chemical treatment processes for top quality design of jewelry.

Herdel S.A.C. will add value to our gold and convert it into jewelry for global distribution. They will also be in charge to make our gold coins as a physical store of value.

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