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A spearheading initiative to bring other crystal businesses on board The global ethical crystal mining partnership is a spearheading initiative founded in October 2021 by Gemrock Peru S.A.C. and a number of our corporate clients.

We are aiming to provide a transparent system of cooperation that provides crystal shops all around the world with the opportunity to claim successfully that their crystal or gold products are truly ethically mined and sourced. Our goals are:

  • to provide a complete and transparent paper trail from the mine to the shop,

  • to support the development of a third party certification system,

  • to promote an opportunity for ethically-minded final customers to buy their crystals with a clear consciousness,

  • to provide an opportunity to reduce environmental impacts of mining and to provide healthy and fair labor conditions to workers in all steps of the production chain.

Alvar Peru S.A.C. : A company created in 2019 to be in charge of Gemrock Peru’s crystal mining operations. Currently working on mining of Epidote and Tourmaline in the desert mountains near Lima, Peru

Herdel S.A.C.: A Peruvian silversmith company. Gemrock Peru has a share in the company and uses the services of HERDEL in order to produce its jewelry.

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