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Maurice Malherbe_ Project Manager

Maurice Malherbe has been working as an IT Project Manager for various well-known e-commerce companies from Switzerland. He started his career as a programmer, studied business informatics and switched to IT Project Management, where he has been driving various digitization and e-commerce projects for the past 5 years. He discovered blockchain technology for himself in 2016 and has been working extensively with this technology ever since.

first-hand experience of what it's like to work in the blockchain/crypto space and has insights into what's coming next. Maurice is a multi-tasker and keeps track of what needs to get done. He is proficient in SCRUM and has a good understanding of blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, etc.

Nils Corlett_ CTO/ Full Stack Development

As CTO, his main task is to lead the technical development of GreenGold NFT. Nils is a senior full stack developer with long and extensive experience in Web3 projects, with good knowledge in API and SDK development. He has extensive skills with Angular, Node.js, web3.js, JavaScript and other modern web development technologies and is familiar with Python, Solidity or Cadance. Nils has a strong software development background. He has good experience in agile working and working with developers in OpenSource and remote projects and good knowledge of common algorithms and data structures. He is responsible for the design of the SmartContract, the implementation, the support of GreenGold NFT`s and plays an active part in the development process, giving input and suggesting changes. He is involved in the global blockchain community and community building.

Alexander Bieß_ Business Development

Alexander Bieß has a degree in cybernetics and can draw on 15+ years of experience as a project developer. Technology transfer and project developments at the border between social, cultural, scientific and economic areas have been instrumental here.

He brings experience in business development in a blockchain environment and is familiar with NFT projects and partnerships. Alexander has an understanding of crypto consumers and speaks their language. Experience in planning and managing sales strategy to a new market and niche with a successful track record selling new products to the market

The basis of cybernetics is the discovery that there are natural laws that govern and control all systems, whether they are natural or artificial, and whether they are biological, physical, technical, social or economic.

Alexander does not analyze the elements themselves, but their organization, the order they exhibit or the information they contain, and from this he develops structures for a successful business model for GreenGold NFT.

Arne Grabenhorst_ Design/ Visual Artist

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