What makes us unique

Our Products are ethically sourced, ethically produced AND Environmentally friendly

While nobody really talks about the environmental impacts of the crystal industry, at least ETHICALLY MINED and ETHICALLY SOURCED are terms that can be seen more and more frequently in the market. However, how can you, as a client, be sure that the products offered are truly ethical and that the label “ethically sourced” is not just marketing chatter?

Gemrock Peru's mining operations are ethical and non-abusive with low environmental impact and provide formal labor opportunities for miners.

Peru is the world’s sixth biggest gold producing country with an annual gold production of 160 tons. The Andes are basically full of gold and there are more opportunities to access gold veins than there are investment projects. While being a small country, Peru is thought to have the world's largest reserves of silver, with 91,000 metric tons. Peru is the world’s third largest silver producer with a total production of 3000 tons in 2021.

A big problem for the mining industry is the establishment of big gold and silver mines as Peru is a country plagued with more than 150 social conflicts between local communities and big mining corporations. At the same time, without suffering this difficulty, there are hundreds of small scale mining operations, flourishing on state owned and community owned land. Therefore, the creation of small scale mining operation is not only economically viable, it also has comparatively very low investment requirements and a very low likelihood to be negatively impacted by community conflicts.

This is what we wand to change

  • Unethical labour conditions in peruvian crystal mining and lapidary workshops

  • Abusive systems of dependency

  • Unhealthy and dangerous labour conditions

  • Child labour

  • Informal and ilegal mining and lapidary production

  • Environmental destruction

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