Attention: The following timeline will be possible in the case of total sale of first NFT drop within six months after launch, raising a minimum of 100 000 USD.

If the time required to raise this amount is going to be longer or if only part of this amount is raised, then - as a consequence - the timeframe for implementation will extend and the payouts will be lower and start later, till the required minimum amount is completed.

Note: Green underlining marks the milestones, when monthly payouts will increase due to added business capacity during the permit process.

PHASE I - basic initialisation

Path 1 - Concept & Design Phase

  • Elaborating business structure (DONE)

  • develop gitbook as whitepaper version beta 0.1 (DONE)

  • Design of Landingpage (V1.0)

  • Design of GreenGold NFT (IN PROGRESS)

Path 2 - Mining Process

  • Creation of mining company and registration of mining company in the public registry of companies of Lima, Peru

  • First field trip to possible gold claims, located 250 km south of Lima in the Peruvian coastal desert mountains for geological sampling of possible gold veins.

PHASE II - initialising gold manufacturing

Path 1 - Fundraising

  • Launch of project and building the community

  • Launch Whitelist places

Path 2 - Mining process

  • Further field trips to possible gold claims and geological sampling

  • Decision about which gold claims are to be claimed

  • Starting the process of legal registration as “Small Scale Mining Company” with Ministry of Energy and Mining, as well as starting process of inscription of gold claim of the registered company – Small Scale Mining Companies have the right to register up to 20 claims = 20 square kilometers of land.

  • Registration process and claiming process should come to an end before the end of November.

Path 3 – Concentration Plant for Gold processing

  • Design of “Gold Concentration Plant” and starting to search for an adequate plot of land to build the plant.

  • Search for plot of land for “Gold Concentration Plant” should come to an end before the end of October.

  • Buying land plot for “Gold Concentration Plant”

Phase III - starting design & process study

Path 1 - Fundraising

  • Launch of first NFT drop

Path 2 - Mining Process/ Studies & Permissions

  • Investment in basic gold mining equipment as requisite for the legal inscription of gold claim

  • Starting process to make required studies and get permits (process length approx. 8 months):

    • Environmental Impact study,

    • Study of possible archeological remains on the claim area,

    • Study of water bodies (probably not existent, but still: study has to be done),

    • Study of wastewater treatment (actually no wastewater will be generated – still: the technical document proving this has to be done),

    • Design of mining camp, o Permit for buying, storing and using dynamite

    • Plan for mine closure after 40 years of mining

Path 3 - Gold Concentration Plant/ permition gold concentration plan

  • Starting process to get permit for “Gold Concentration Plant” (Process approx. 3 months)


    • Registration of plant with municipality

    • Acquiring basic concentration equipment

    • Getting wastewater permit.

    • Design of plant

  • Obtaining permit to build “Gold Concentration Plant”

Path 4 - Temporary cooperation with other claim owners

  • Creating a temporary agreement with another mining concession owner in order to put mining equipment to use on other claim while our own permit process still runs.

Phase IV - departure phase

Path 1 - Fundraising

  • All NFT´s are sold

Path 2 - Mining Process

  • Registration process and claiming process should be concluded

Path 3 - Construction gold concentration plant

  • Acquiring basic concentration equipment

  • Operational Permit for “Gold Concentration Plant” after visit by representative of Ministry for Energy and Mining to review the constructed infrastructure.

  • Construction of Gold Concentration Plant”

Path 4 - Temproary cooperation with other claim owners

  • Starting to mine on gold claim of temporary partner

  • Use equipment with partner claim

Phase V - begin concentrate gold

Path 1 - Fundraising

  • Income from proceeds on the secondary market

Path 2 - mining process

  • Obtaining permission to mine on our own claim from the ministry of Energy and Mining, as well as obtaining permit for buying, storing and using dynamite from “Discamec” (Peruvian authority for weapon control)

  • Building mining camp and hiring miners

  • Start of mining on our own claim

Path 3 - Construction gold concentration plant

  • High concentration of gold from foreign mines or purchased stones

  • First reward payout of profits made from Temporary mining – from now on monthly payouts to NFT holders.

Path 4 - Temproary cooperation with other claim owners

  • Continue mining in the mine

Phase VI - obtaining own claim

Path 2 - mining prcess

  • Sale of gold concentrate at higher prices than before

  • Increased payouts to NFT holders due to higher rewards

Path 2 - start own mining

  • Obtaining green Gold certification

  • First rewards from our own gold mining

  • From now on again increased monthly payouts due to higher rewards

  • Start of continued increase of production capacity

Path 4 - Temproary cooperation with other claim owners

  • End of temporary mining cooperation with partner

By December 2023 the company has all the permits and capacities to operate from mining to gold processing. Gemrock Peru is going to buy the entire production of gold concentrate guaranteeing steady income and payouts

Phase VII - Future outlook

Step 1 - to be continued

  • The mining company is fully set up and will obtain the “Green Gold” certificate for ecological and ethical mining.

  • The mining company starts reinvesting rewards into obtaining a constantly growing number of claims, increasing the mining activities on existing claims, increasing the concentration activities in the “concentration plant” and enters into a phase of constant growth.

  • As a result: monthly payouts will enter in a phase of constant growth.

  • There is no limit set to this phase of scaling up.

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