Gemrock Gold NFT

Why Gemrock Gold NFT?

By purchasing a Gemrock Gold NFT (non-fungible token) you are part of our green mining mission. Our gold is sourced ethically and environmentall friendly. Our NFTs serve as encrypted digital certificates of ownership that entitle their owners to a share in our gold mining activities. As soon as we are generating profits with our gold mining activities, NFT holders will benefit from holding our Gemrock Gold NFTs.

What is the total NFT Supply?

We are creating 3333 Gemrock Gold NFTs.

Which Blockchain are the NFTs deployed on?

Our NFT collection will solely run on Ethereum.

What will be the Mint Price?

One piece of our collection will cost around $180 in ETH (Ethereum). The price can fluctuate, depending on the costs that the mining activities will cause. We already did some calculations, but as you might know, unexpected costs are one of the major risks in complex projects. Nevertheless we try to keep the costs as low as possible.

How do you buy a Gemrock NFT?

You can mint your NFT on our website. Once when the collection is sold out, you will be able to buy our NFTs on a secondary market like OpenSea. What you will need for minting: - A web wallet like Metamask - ETH on your web wallet - If you don't have any ETH on your wallet, you can buy ETH on Coinbase or other platforms If you should have some trouble with the minting process, please write us an email or text us in the support chat on Discord.

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